Prosciutto: The Italian ham that changed my view on meat in combination with fruit.

When I visited Italy for the first time nearly ten years ago, one of my favourite dishes from the trip was prosciutto and melon.

However, as much as I now love this antipasti, it was not love at first sight. I am known to be quite resistant to savory foods, especially meat of any kind, in combination with fruit. For some reason, it doesn’t always make sense to me.

However, after being gently forced into trying this Italian appie, I just couldn’t get enough. There’s something about the salty Italian cured ham and the refreshing burst of melon that satisfies my taste buds in a way I never thought possible.

Like I said, meat and fruit had never previously been a favourite of mine.

Since returning from my trip all those years ago, there’s only one place in Vancouver I trust to prepare this antipasti dish to perfection and that is, of course, La Piazza Dario.

Check out the entire La Piazza Dario menu for other delicious and authentic Italian dishes, prepared from scratch by Chef Claudio Ranallo.

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