Cool down from those hot summer days with the frozen treat of gelato!

Summer is in full swing here in Vancouver and it is getting HOT! And what better way to cool off than with a delicious frozen treat? (Hint: there is none!)

Gelati (the plural form of gelato) or sorbetti (the plural form of sorbet) is the perfect solution to those sizzling summer days. Italian ice cream made with milk, rather than cream, gelato is my absolute favourite Italian dessert. My first experience tasting gelato was not unlike many of my other Italian cuisine experiences: it was love at first bite.

I didn’t quite understand the difference between North American ice cream and Italian gelato before I tried it, but there definitely is a difference. And given the option, I would pick gelato every time.

Fortunately, for me (and all you Vancouverite gelato lovers out there!) La Piazza Dario boasts a selection of delightful gelati and sorbetti flavours. Come give them a try one night after a hot day on the beach or after a hard day at the office.

Ice cream not your thing? Check out the rest of the divine Italian after-dinner treats we have.

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