Antipasto: The perfect solution for a light Italian snack or a lovely start to a meal!

If you’re in the mood for a light meal, or are just looking to round out your Italian feast, indulging in a spread of the delectable flavours of Italian cuisine, an antipasto platter is a wonderful way to go!

Antipasto, which can be translated into English as ‘appetizer,’ is a starter course within the traditional Italian meal structure that generally follows the aperitivo. Often served cold, the antipasto is a light course that usually includes cured meats, olives, cheeses, and pickled vegetables and meats.

When the mood strikes for a plate of antipasto, we hope that you will visit us at La Piazza Dario to satisfy your craving! Our antipasto “la piazza” is an assortment of cured meat, fish, cheese and marinated vegetables that serves two. Now, doesn’t that sound delicious!

Make your reservation with us online or by calling us at 604-430-2195.

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