Discover Abruzzo’s most well-known dish, starring pasta alla chitarra – or guitar pasta!

Come to La Piazza Dario and taste the authentic cuisine of Chef Claudio Ranallo’s home, Abruzzo, ItalyMaccheroni alla chitarra, or guitar pasta, as it is more commonly referred to here, is one of the most well-known dishes in Abruzzo.

Why is it called guitar pasta, you ask? The chitarra, which means guitar, is a stringed device which many refer to as an instrument. The pasta dough, after being rolled out flat, is then placed over the strings and a rolling pin is used to push the dough through the strings, creating sectioned pieces of pasta!

Although maccheroni alla chitarra is not on the La Piazza Dario menu, Chef Claudio has been known to make it by special request! So, don’t be shy. Visit us down on Slocan Street, ask for the pasta alla chitarra and get a taste of authentic Italian food with this traditional pasta. You’ll swear you’ve hopped on a plane to Abruzzo!

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