Treat yourself and keep cool with these delicious and refreshing Italian delights!

It’s incredible to think that we are already halfway through this summer. For those of you who were able to get away for the August Long Weekend, we hope you had a relaxing getaway.

Unfortunately for most, it’s back to reality this week even though the sun is still shining and the weather has remained hot. Personally, I think that this reality check of ours calls for a tasty treat or two – especially treats of the cold or frozen variety! Below are some ideas we came up with that we thought could help cool you down when you’re not hard at work at your desk. 😉

  1. Indulge in an Italian soda: an easy and refreshing drink to make at home or grab on your lunch break, this fizzy concoction is made with carbonated water and flavoured syrup. 
  2. Put your espresso on ice: re-energize on your break and head back to the office feeling cooled off and ready for those afternoon meetings.
  3. Make your own gelato: a fun weekend activity, especially with small kids! If you’re not into the amount of work it takes though, you can always head down and visit us for some gelati or sorbetti!
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